Friday, 29 May 2015


My lady, stick the gift on your chest a little deeper In your derails my comrade too easily.

Oh Rabbi! Feed Jesus' sheeps and lambs...don't give them sedative so you could get into their purse.

Lecturer sir, pls, groom us for the reality that await us...not some some ritual of fatansy.

Daddys, try and hang around a bit longer...your absence leave mum with too many quetions to answer.

Brethren, be the first on the queue of showing love...there is too much traffic @ the recieving end.

Dear friends, be there to love to love me irrespective...don't fall in love with my successes and resent my weaknesses.

Hmmm, my enemies, frankly speaking...I'm better off with you.

Girlfriend, don't hope too much for a change...if you can't stand him now, let marriage alone.

Beloveth siblings, even I coiuld, I wouldn't change a thing; I'll just replay!)..thanks for your love and light.

Sweet holy spirit, thanks for ya a-million-star make the earthly adventure beautiful.

Yeshua, thanks for the drama @ nose will forever awaits the aroma from your truth.

Heavenly father, what more can I say?...thanks for being GOD!

pulished in THE THE JURIST MAGAZINE, 2013 edition.

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