Sunday, 31 January 2016


This harmattan is not honest at all. I thought it said it had left for good?
Well, that"s a matter for another day.
A man walked up to a concert pianist after hearing him play and said, "I'd give anything to play like you!". The pianist replied, "No, you wouldn't. Would you give 12hours a day to practice? Would you deny every other area of your life to excel at piano?"

Today, I reread one of my choicest Bible story; David vs Goliath. I should say that this story first came alive to me in those carefully coloured pages of My Book of Bible Story and later, in Sunday school. The story both won my naive mind and also satisfied my childish quest for a hero. It always tripped me to picture a tinkele (small) David shooting a smooth stone into the gigantic head of a 9ft Goliath.
While I have no doubt that this story need not be retold, allow me to show you something.

See this...

"Your servant has killed both the lion and the bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them..."
                                -1samuel 17:35

You see that? Even David had a Curriculum Vitae(CV). He made it clear to Saul that this was not going to be the first time he will defeating an intruder, he had done it twice before! Now, while everyone saw an oversabi boy trying to kill himself, David knew that the skill he had gotten from past practices would to come to use here!

I humbly disagree with anyone who thinks David got lucky. He earned his skills by practice.

I read one time that success is when opportunity greets preparation. No doubt, opportunity will knock soon, but will you be ready?  I'm still waiting to see, hear or read about a soul who succeeded by mistake.

The easiest way to get good at anything is practice. I know of no shortcut. It is not too late to start preparing for the future you've dreamt endlessly about. See ehn, stop all those 'it-is-too-late' song and start again today. You can choose to be anything and excel. Just practice enough. TDJakes remarked, "It is not so much about where you are going to as it is about what you are willing to give up to get there".

Do you want to be smarter? Brush up on your grammar? Write better? Read more? Talk less? Be friendly? What do you want? The solution is simple, continuous practice!  As the concert pianist replied, "can you...?"
As one of Nigeria's music mogul irritably said, "If it's the __________ you want, come and get it!" (You fill it).