Sunday, 31 May 2015


I know the world is a pretty though sphere, but not an imoossible one. How did I know? I live here. We have all had our own fair and unfair share of blips and hurdles. Thank God we are still here! Life's sorjourn can be interesting. All we need do is to learn to lean on the one who created it - GOD. This poem says it better.

In dire need of a peace to grab hold?
Want to harness goodwill from this thorny soil of life?
Ever longed that in true love you are enfold?
Is your soul sore tired of earth’s militating strife?

On your next trip to the throne of grace,
Be sure to make bold your request.
It doesn’t help to feel as small as a mouse,
Abba is seated on high to see to end our hefty quest.

Should you faint while waiting on Jehovah?
It helps to lay our doubts on faith’s crucible.
When your heart starts to fail your believe over,
Don’t forget; our GOD is able!

Goodnews is...God is still in the business of laying of weights and and giving rest. Instead of all those grammatically imbedded prayers, why don't  you just say it the way it is? Tell it exactly as it hurts, and God will do what he does best - answer prayers!!
So, as you go out today, don't forget that our God is able!

Happy Sunday!!

Friday, 29 May 2015


My lady, stick the gift on your chest a little deeper In your derails my comrade too easily.

Oh Rabbi! Feed Jesus' sheeps and lambs...don't give them sedative so you could get into their purse.

Lecturer sir, pls, groom us for the reality that await us...not some some ritual of fatansy.

Daddys, try and hang around a bit longer...your absence leave mum with too many quetions to answer.

Brethren, be the first on the queue of showing love...there is too much traffic @ the recieving end.

Dear friends, be there to love to love me irrespective...don't fall in love with my successes and resent my weaknesses.

Hmmm, my enemies, frankly speaking...I'm better off with you.

Girlfriend, don't hope too much for a change...if you can't stand him now, let marriage alone.

Beloveth siblings, even I coiuld, I wouldn't change a thing; I'll just replay!)..thanks for your love and light.

Sweet holy spirit, thanks for ya a-million-star make the earthly adventure beautiful.

Yeshua, thanks for the drama @ nose will forever awaits the aroma from your truth.

Heavenly father, what more can I say?...thanks for being GOD!

pulished in THE THE JURIST MAGAZINE, 2013 edition.


General Buhari and Professor Osibanjo. God bless your term.

Have you met any soldier? I don’t mean it in the soothing figurative sense; I mean the most literal manner! I have! 

They go out every day to fight for the sustenance of our country’s unity and individual peace, even though they might not come back. They are a property of the state. They bleed and sweat so we could sleep, but all they mostly get is mutilation or death.

 I once heard a preacher said, “to appreciate the adults we now see, we must get in touch with the child they once were “. I hope you know that like you, they grew up in our streets! They too played ’ten-ten’, ‘boju-boju’ and monkey-post soccer games. They mischievously maim the nursery school rhymes too. They also sat in those cranky seats in our antiquated classrooms and nurtured a future. Like you, they envisioned a quiet and successful life.  They had plans and hopes...just like us! 

But now, they are soldiers!
Well, unlike you, they no longer need too much use of pen and paper, for they have been replaced with riffles and teargas. Walkie-talkie and pocket knives have since displaced the brightly coloured milkose sweet and speedy biscuits from their pockets. They now dodge bullets on the battlefield, not skip ropes on the playground! They can neither watch the sunset with their beloved nor experience their babies grow. All they carry around are pictures. They’ve lost the right to a civilian court, theirs is a  martial court. The word magazine has a different meaning to them. Yes, they are soldiers!

There was an intense gun-fight between our soldiers and some terrorists in a remote area in Bornu State. I was not there, but another man was there to take and return those bullets.

Folks, today is not the armed force day - do they have one? You might not be fighting, but you can do something for these soldiers. Say a prayer for them, bless their kids, respect their spouses, and give love to their guardians.

I sleep at night knowing that country is defended by another man!



It’s a noisy evening in the room here in my hostel (it is hall 4, baby). If you were here, you will notice that my roommates are either cooking, sleeping, getting set for night class or making noise like me. Just as quickly as scientist described lightening, an avalanche of memories sweeps through my wandering mind. 

There’s one that seem to have completely seized my head, the childhood game (or should I say play!): Hide-and-Seek. C’mon, tell me you remember! You also remember those folks who hid too well. The unending search for them always brought the fun game to an abrupt end. After what seemed like hours of searching, I’ll usually shout “where you dey? Oya, come out…game up!” I guess you still remember the many argument that greeted their coming out? I once overheard a man saying to a bunch of kids, “hide-and-seek becomes interesting when you GET FOUND! So true!

A girl I love needed some money to enroll for a holiday writing workshop that was hosted by her lifelong literary mentor. The program meant a lot to her. It came to pass, the workshop came to an end and she couldn't attend, so she became depressed. Later in her own words, she said “I didn’t wanna bother anyone” (bother? What are friends & family for?). Some people praised her on what they called maturity. But, her family and friends (me included) said how pissed they were that she didn’t trust them enough to share in her dreams. She played Hide-and-Seek, adult style. According to Robert Fulghum, “Wanting to hide, needing to be sought, confused about being found”.
It come in form of sentences like, “i don’t want to bother anyone”. ”I don’t know how people will see it” “What if?” “What if not?” C’mon brothers and sisters stop hiding too well and GET FOUND! We need each other to survive. The wound you don’t open won’t heal. Don’t worry about folks who might injure it with scorn, others will be there to treat it with the plaster of friendship. Swallow your pride and GET FOUND!

Get in the game. Oh! What fun it is to be found! You keep struggling with that course and a friend has the light…GET FOUND! You are starving and a sister got a table for two…GET FOUND! You are lonely and you could use a friend...GET FOUND! You are broke and a brother got some cash to spare…GET FOUND! Enough tears, enough wishes, enough loneliness, enough reclusion, enough hiding, just GET FOUND!
To everybody who has been hiding too well… GET FOUND and make life interesting!

pulished in LAWSAN EDITORIAL, 2014 edition.

Thursday, 28 May 2015


If an appraisal
Was done on you
What would we find?
Invaluable or dispensable?
If earth was awarding
Her worthy occupants
What would you get?
Gold or a gallows tree?

You are overwhelmed by faults of cosmos,
That you gat no time for gratitude.
You can't even see
That a sister could use a shoulder.
That a brother yearns for comradeliness.
That our holy posterity needs mentorship.

Do you cause joy
Wherever you go or whenever you go?
Your Kindness to kiths and kin;
Is it a personality or a job?
Your service to humanity;
Is it contingent or eternal?
Pls, borrow a seat
Steal some quiet time
Get to work!
And make sure you have an answer
The next time life or anyone ask

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Forgive the silliness
That has curbed me from gratitude
If the mermaid's morphology is even true
They will still be tickled by your prettiness
Your graceful shine
Makes even the sun blush

The stars though so majestic
Cannot afford your competition
For your concave beauty
Is as homely as honey
The serenity of your aura
Can be felt in the taciturnity of the still waters

Words can faintly paint
The lovely alacrity of your person
Your queenly gaits
Make my brethren sweat at the gate
If I could rewind time
I'd know you sooner

Shine on my fair lady
For love is higher than all!

Dedicated to all the ladies out there who anoint our world with their beauty and patience.