Friday, 5 August 2016


‘‘I’ll tell you a secret, something they don’t teach you in your temple. The gods envy us. They envy us because we‘re mortal, because any moment might be our last’’.
(Achilles speaking to Briseis in the movie Troy)

Please, I’ll need your help to answer this question. The opposite of death, is it live or birth? Don’t tell me that like mama Usunobun at Oba market, you are afraid when you hear about death? Come of it jor, because one day you’ll…never mind. It’s been 3days since this August, and there’s already so much to talk about. Edo state branch of NULGE protested on Wednesday, one slumped and died. Orubebe was on the news again today, not for good of course. I just salute how Hope, Mmesomer and Bibi never forget to remind me that’s it’s a new month. The rain is gradually quieting down or maybe it’s just me. My lousy neighbor says its august break. Iye once told me that when one talks too much, one would likely add lie. So you see why I don’t believe him. My old phone has this new bad habit, it goes off when I need it to be on and also stays off when I need it to be off. Yeah, it’s always off. I know I’m supposed to blame my village people, but BEDC ain’t no saint either.

Do you ever feel like your life is swallowing you up? Maybe, a little too fast? No enjoyment from life? I once read that it is sometimes worst that death. Trust me, I too think that it is an onyibo sickness. About death, I saw again on EBS, just before the evening news a gone-too-soon announcement. The family said that he’s forever in their heart, but that one nor concern me. This is what got me really thinking, it was simply written; 1988-2016. Can you imagine? A man’s full existence summarized like that. But really, what’s the summary of life? I guess it’s in dash! The way I see it, there are 3days in person’s life; the day they are born, the day they live and the day they die. In my thought, other people fill a date on when you are born and when you die but leave a dash on when you lived because only you can fill it.

This dash between birth and death day is quite different. It’s not the kind you find in your red English language reader asking you to fill in the blanks nor is it the dash you put before you explain the formation of Acetyl CoA (Prof. Bamikole sha). This DASH is the summary of your whole life. That day you finally take your first walk after a lot of omomo kege. The days you started and stopped crying about school. How you crushed on Atitinugo and experimented smoking with remain from the customers stick. That day you went on evangelism and prayed you marry a virgin. All the times life took and gave to you. The days you can’t remember and the ones you can’t forget. The dash is all that and more. The content of the dash differs. You see, people don’t cry for how you are born or die. They cry because they will miss how you lived-that’s why we don’t cry for strangers. I don’t mean to dash your hope and believe for a long life, but any moment can be your last. Our last, if it makes you feel any better.

My advice, start living deliberately! Stop photocopying people’s existence and moon walking your way through life. Pursue a dream with all your gut-however absurd. Gain mastery. Travel just to see snow and the ugly emu bird. Go on a mission. Give, take, and share. I’m sure you have your list…just go on and live. The beauty about living is that when you do, you give others the courage to do the same.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Frankly, I think this i-am-sorry-i-have-been-away thing is already too old. So, why don't we try something new? How about I gist you a bit of what I can say kept me away? You’ll like that, won’t you? Ermmm…I’m now in 400L. That’s final year for some people who ain’t going for Songhai. Yes, nah 1year remain for…so, let’s save the bottles for later. I was not with the crew that went in search for the moon, exams kept me. My exams was fine, thanks for were going to ask right? And one of my pretty sister lost her maiden name. Yeah, they said I am not supposed to cry. They said it’s a good thing. They said I’m your all grown up…like I was supposed to wait for a growing permit. Who else gets that often? One more thing¸ while I was away, I noticed everyone (including me) was blaming society for the several things they got wrong. That’s what I’m talking about today. Yeah, I’m happy to see you too.

I’m weary of listening or even hearing by chance the whining of gutless men and women. Those, who will take the slightest window to dodge responsibility for their poor choice. Anytime they succeed, even when it’s by pure luck, they’d say they took the risk, took impossible decisions, made sophisticated planned and this and that. But, when they fail at anything, someone is behind it! It has to be Iye and her gang of Azens (witches) and Osos (wizards). Pick a struggle my friend! I don’t wanna use this to dispute the Iye-factor. No! I just want us to think together. Aren’t we giving too much credit to society? More than they even deserve! My friend, the cause of your troubles is not and will not always be external! Think am nah!

Do you even listened  to yourself? Your 'valid' excuses? You blamed society for how bleached your skin into snow. When, your problem simply was a poor self image.  You blamed societal opinion for how you picked a course you never wanted and will never want study, hence the lack of drive. When, your only problem was your sac full of insecurity. Your blame your age and how society will raise their nose at you for how you ended in a leaking marriage. When, your problem was obviously inpatients and your nah-only-me-remain-wey-never-marry mentalit. Are you listening to yourself now? Should I remind you more? That’s how you got here. You are afraid, Irresponsible and a sissy. Are you offended? I’m not sorry. See, I know being responsible is not cheap, buy it's the only way.

Let me tell you some truth;
(1) when you choose your path (any path!), you become responsible for how you end up. You don’t compare! You don’t complain! You neither throw nor honor a blame party!

(2) Society is many things but your problem. They are your spectators, onlookers, challenge, springboard, market, reason, but never your problem.

(3) Remember 1 and 2!

Here’s for a fresh start. Take a thorough inventory of your life. Pick out the broken pieces. The part you are not proud of and you’d rather apportion blames. Those parts that you think are not your fault. Now, be responsible and accept that it’s your fault. Yeah…it's your fault.  Then, start again. You will prefer it.