Tuesday, 22 March 2016


When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful - Malala Yousafzi
Back in the overpopulated primary 5B class where there were no shinning louvres, white board and magic marker, Auntie Ruth will meticulously mark our hurriedly written class work and ask us to take down the home work (for our own good, else the rod)
We would eagerly await the closing bell at 1:45pm, but as is always the case, the clock becomes mischievously slow. So, we took to the only trade we knew...producing noise!
A reprimanding song by our class teacher will always immediately follow,
'You talk too much(2*)
Is this a market place?'
...and we would reply,
Afterwards, the class goes cold.

That was many years ago and it was how I then understood noise.
However, as with many other things, my understanding of noise has also grown.
Not too long a night ago in my faculty's beautiful garden(it's NAAS garden baby), I was hanging out with a bunch of friends. Some of them were stepping on the seats instead of sitting. Somehow, I went dumb about it. Then out of no where, a concerned young man (whom I later discovered was in year 2) politely asked my year 3 friends that they sit properly. And they did! I quickly called him and commended his resolve. That day, by playing dumb, I made a noise! 
And that's how I've come to know and understand that silence and conformity are THE NEW NOISE. And stopping this noise is not easy as a different and courageous voice is required.

The most convenient thing to do is just keep quiet and blend. After all, others will talk. That's the one thing we do well; allow others do the talking! It is shameful that the world has gone mute while you're still around.
Never in man's existence have so much voices been needed than now.
Please, understand that talking here means your actions and words
When you murmur and whine but don't proffer solutions, you are making a noise!
If you are afraid of stepping out and blessing the world with your dream, you are making a noise!
Anytime you fail to rebuke any form of evil or lazily conform to mediocrity, you are making a noise!
When you scorn instead of giving hope, you are making a noise!
Whenever you jump on the bandwagon and say "abeg eeh! nor be me start am", you are making a noise!
Simply put, anytime you don't do the right thing, you are making a noise! My pretty friend, Jocelyn (hbd jare), reminded me when she would always say 'Be the voice, not an echo"

That day in Montgomery, Rosa Park, by mere sitting spoke so loudly that the civil right movement was born.
In those years in Calcutta, Mother Teresa by mere loving so soundly voiced so strongly that even history had to give her a room to be an example.
I don't know what you think of yourself,  but more than ever, our world needs your talk!
This piece is dedicated to my friend, Davidson Obilor Nwaonu (Securus Generalis)...his respect for his fellows and accountability to his world speaks volume. Respect bro!