Saturday, 6 June 2015


When I was much younger, I practically believed everything. OK, maybe not everything, but a lot of funnily crippy stuff. Did you? Well, it's called innocence.

I believed in all darkness had ghost in it. I believed all smiles were real and everybody loved everybody. I believed 'How was your night?' was a harmless question, even though some people prayed some kind of evil befell you while you sleep. I sincerely believed that 'how are you?' genuinely required an answer, until folks turned away almost as quick as they asked. I believed santa claus (father Christmas) actually came from heaven.
Yeah, I believed all that.  

Well, I've grown a bit older and a lot has since changed. My believes too have grown. Apostle Paul said it best, "when I was a child, I behaved like a child. Now that I'm grown, I've put away childish things".
The Bible recorded about Jesus, "...and the child grew!"
I do agree that growth is suppose to be peaceful and fun, but live does not agree.  Innocence has been stolen from most of us. Responsibility has broken some of our backs. A lot of hopes has been dashed. The once beautiful dreams are now nightmares to which we can't seen to wake up from. 

Are you gonna let life win or you will put up a good fight. I'll counsel you take the latter. Life is like Google search engine; type something in, you will always get a hit. There might network itch, result might get modified, you might need to do it again, but you will surely get it right.
A Bishop once preached, "life's not fair, but God is good". Have some faith and just believe.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Have you ever passed to a brother
The baton of hope amidst gloomy wreck?
Have you ever stuck it out for an elder
Whose bone is as good as sack?
Have you ever responded to a weary crawler
For a second to heal a lack?

Have you ever offered a thing
That both noble and vile didn’t have to pay?
If for one of these pings
You can’t be convicted anyway;
You better wake your heart with a loud ring,
‘Cos you’ve been sleeping for too a long day.

If you’ve ever abounded
Or at one point couldn’t afford a price.
I bet you now understand
The dire need of a saving grace.
So we all can ask with a voice profound
What is life without sacrifice?

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


So long I stretched forth my hand,
Coldly you tossed it aside.
I’ve tried not to turn my face to the sand
But, different time is set for every man to break inside.

For our friendship, let’s strive to be strong and fond,
And pray love, lest we slide.
So far a journey we’ve managed to come,
Taking for granted the grace that made us friend.

Forgetting the fruit we ate in the hill; the berries and pomes.
Neglecting the swell moments most royals may never find.
My hair’s kinky, wish you were here to help me comb,
Clear my dusty eyes by blowing a soothing wind.

I’m sick of staying away from our friendship
I’m sick of waiting for the right moment.
I wish our callousness a halt.
Old wine is indeed sweeter than all new elements.

I pray love to swallow our faults.
I’ll bless you more often than I lament.

*To all those out there who have felt the blessing of friendship and others who long for it*

Monday, 1 June 2015


I toiled the steep pages of books
But my grade said otherwise
I climbed the highest storey
Yet couldn’t see beyond my nose

I faked a lot of laughs
But could only keep up for so long
I tried to write a symphony
But couldn’t make up the lyrics

I drank the finest of wine
But couldn’t get the taste
I sought wearyingly for answers
But always hit a snag of some kind

So, I fell on my knees
And turned my face to sand
Then I realised,
It is not by muscle
But by GOD.