Wednesday, 26 October 2016


My eyes bled when you left.
Right before our callousness, our memories faded like blue.
My heart couldn't remember the rhythm of our love.
The nooks of my heart that your love like yeast puffed up melted like ice.

I don't pray for your sky to be ill Or wish for your indifference to heal.
I want you to mourn this gift we couldn't keep.
I rather you mourn this 'thing' that we once had.

Love is not sick, we are.
Time didn't put us here, we did.
It was funny we needed victory but couldn't swallow the war.
It is still funny.

I'm not sorry that you couldn't stay.
I'm not sorry that I was too much for you.
I'm not sorry for you.
I'm only sorry that I believed you when you said we could work.
I'm sorry I loved you in full when you could only receive in bits.
I'm sorry.

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