Thursday, 31 December 2015


Wait oh, did you watch the President's media chat yesterday? Don't tell me you missed it , we go talk am later.
"You don't consult the oracle 'on credit'" - Bini adage

As I write this, the excruciating hold of harmattan has loosen its grip. A good number of bulls are continually led to the slaughter. Kids in every nook are loudly blabbing about how surreal they'd look tomorrow. Many people are already declaring of how greater and better next year must turn out. Others are so busy writing unending list of resolutions as it has become aged tradition.

When I was still very small, I saw an interesting phrase on one provision store. It read, "NO CREDIT TODAY, COME TOMORROW". I was not surprise when i was passing the next day, the frail board still hanging with the words boldly written. I remember thinking to myself and smiling at the realization that there will always be tomorrow.

 Each new year flies out almost as quickly as they come. And I soon learnt that Life too does not sell 'on credit'. It is also boldly holding in its hands a sign, "NO CREDIT TODAY, COME TOMORROW". 
How many times have you gone to life hoping to get something for free only to be disappointed at it's refusal?
At the beginning of every new year, we meet life with so much energy only to beg it to give us something 'on credit'. Life will always simply says, "NO CREDIT TODAY, COME TOMORROW". So, some of us quickly take a chair and sleep, waiting for the following year, so we can go back to life again beg! We literally pause our lives, waiting only for next year before we play the routine. Are you not bored and tired already? Whatever prize you seek in life has a price! Are you willing to pay it?

You can't buy from life 'on credit'!

Anytime you seek for change in the name of resolutions, you must pay in the currency of discipline. If you want a degree, you'll have to pay the price of study and tuition. You want a blissful marital life life? Pay the steep price of fidelity and unconditional care. Do you crave fulfilment? Then you need to pay with purpose.

The list is endless...the grammar is plain...the plea is clear; don't ask for life what you don't want to pay for!
The next you go to life's store, don't beg it to sell on credit. Ask "how much?"
So, if you haven't seen the sign yet, go now and get a legal tender to bargain with! If life has already put you out, I guess you now know what it takes?
And to those waiting for tomorrow to see if it will change;
 Life has vowed that there will be "NO CREDIT TODAY, COME TOMORROW". 

This piece is dedicated to Gloria, Pst Chris, Auntie Rosie, Achu, Sochi, Asem, Debbie, Yochabel, Aufuray, marvellous and other December babies around the world. We rock!