Thursday, 28 May 2015


If an appraisal
Was done on you
What would we find?
Invaluable or dispensable?
If earth was awarding
Her worthy occupants
What would you get?
Gold or a gallows tree?

You are overwhelmed by faults of cosmos,
That you gat no time for gratitude.
You can't even see
That a sister could use a shoulder.
That a brother yearns for comradeliness.
That our holy posterity needs mentorship.

Do you cause joy
Wherever you go or whenever you go?
Your Kindness to kiths and kin;
Is it a personality or a job?
Your service to humanity;
Is it contingent or eternal?
Pls, borrow a seat
Steal some quiet time
Get to work!
And make sure you have an answer
The next time life or anyone ask

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