Sunday, 31 May 2015


I know the world is a pretty though sphere, but not an imoossible one. How did I know? I live here. We have all had our own fair and unfair share of blips and hurdles. Thank God we are still here! Life's sorjourn can be interesting. All we need do is to learn to lean on the one who created it - GOD. This poem says it better.

In dire need of a peace to grab hold?
Want to harness goodwill from this thorny soil of life?
Ever longed that in true love you are enfold?
Is your soul sore tired of earth’s militating strife?

On your next trip to the throne of grace,
Be sure to make bold your request.
It doesn’t help to feel as small as a mouse,
Abba is seated on high to see to end our hefty quest.

Should you faint while waiting on Jehovah?
It helps to lay our doubts on faith’s crucible.
When your heart starts to fail your believe over,
Don’t forget; our GOD is able!

Goodnews is...God is still in the business of laying of weights and and giving rest. Instead of all those grammatically imbedded prayers, why don't  you just say it the way it is? Tell it exactly as it hurts, and God will do what he does best - answer prayers!!
So, as you go out today, don't forget that our God is able!

Happy Sunday!!

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