Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I disagree with you.
There is good still flowing the vessels of our thoughts.
I beg you to buy courage to rethink your resolve.
Don't drown in this ephemeron flood
Save your kith too.
Can anything good come out of this Nazareth?
Well, you did!

There are no ropes…no boundaries
No doubt,
As soon as you're born, you are old enough to grow.
Be mindful of what you settle for,
Cos' that's what you'll give.
Your competition is as global as love.
The earth was flat until the someone cared
Dust your brain and willpower
We are going to the lab.

Don't let character go on holiday.
Ceaselessly Polish the wheel of TRUTH
Like a pestle in war, it cannot fail.
But after every triumph, sharpen your sword.
It is laudable if you wanna' win from here.
But You've lost if you win only here.
Progress is not up for debate
Like money, it must be made.
To heal record we must play
To die well we must live.

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