Tuesday, 2 June 2015


So long I stretched forth my hand,
Coldly you tossed it aside.
I’ve tried not to turn my face to the sand
But, different time is set for every man to break inside.

For our friendship, let’s strive to be strong and fond,
And pray love, lest we slide.
So far a journey we’ve managed to come,
Taking for granted the grace that made us friend.

Forgetting the fruit we ate in the hill; the berries and pomes.
Neglecting the swell moments most royals may never find.
My hair’s kinky, wish you were here to help me comb,
Clear my dusty eyes by blowing a soothing wind.

I’m sick of staying away from our friendship
I’m sick of waiting for the right moment.
I wish our callousness a halt.
Old wine is indeed sweeter than all new elements.

I pray love to swallow our faults.
I’ll bless you more often than I lament.

*To all those out there who have felt the blessing of friendship and others who long for it*

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