Friday, 4 December 2015


A lot of funny things have played out in the series of adventure of the search for a ‘perfect’ spouse. Latent pressure from families and peers have driven boys and girls to do really crazy things in the name of love!

It is not rare these days to hear girls have really funny and awkward conversation. It usually goes like “Babe, see before person graduate, person need to catch one boy oh! First hold am tight”. And the reply is almost always “Nor be lie oh! Nah  so so boys just full everywhere! Husbands nor dey market oh!” (Husband don turn fuel abi).
There seem to be a brooding fear of finding a good enough mate in the girl circle. So, most times, they settle for just any guy!

I used to think guys were immune to this epidemic craze. It turned out that their own is even worse! You will hear words like “oh boy! All these girls nor just dey trip me oh, nah TEAR RUBER (but why) me dey look for oh”. I once heard a guy complain, Nah God go help person oh, wife material nor just dey common these days oh” (Nah Ankara?). 

A lot of singles have took to the streets to search for what they call the perfect soul mate. Most times, their guide is lust! John Hagee said about a man that sat in his office sometime ago, describing his future bride, “when I get around her, I cant breathe”. He said he responded, “it is asthma, not love”.

Have you come across any of those funny list that some single carry around these days? A some sort of menu where you list all the qualities you want your future spouse to possess. A sort of marital map. I stumbled upon one recently and after I read it, all I could do was laugh and laugh. It read “she must be carefully patterned and curvy, must be chocolate (ehn?) and 5’5 feet tall, Godfearing and must love my family, outgoing and clever, committed responsible and hardworking”. Now, understand me, I’m not saying it wrong, I only said it was funny.

Let’s not forget one simple truth! Any relationship that will work must be nourished by the people in it. Maybe you have a list, I hope you are everything or most things you wrote on it. It is not enough to demand, you must also be! Nurture those qualities that you want from people and then you might not be needing a list. We attract what we contain. We get the things we get because of the one’s we have. I read one time that the average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see far better than he thinks. You see, likes attract. For those that still wanna build a list, make sure you get two; one for you!

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